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Egyptian Spinning Coaster

star city's newest ride is not just another roller coaster. the rider spins as the vehicle rolls through the egyptian desert. brand new from italy.

  • 42 inches to 48 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Toy Chest

Step into a magical world where Toys are larger than kids. A gigantic doll, a huge crayon box, a humongous radio player and a jumbo teddy bear welcome you at the entrance. Even more surprises await inside!

  • 30 to 42 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Art Alive Museum

Not included in Ride All You Can and requires separate fee. Star City's Art Alive Museum has over 30 paintings guests can interact with through artistic, fun, and wacky poses. Using the free Art Alive AR app available on playstore and app store, some paintings at the Art Alive Museum literally come alive!

  • 34 to 42 inches with Responsible Mature Person


An all-time favorite in theme parks all over the world, the riders rotate in capsules that rise and fall. The riders can even control the level of thrill since each capsule can be independently spun!

  • 48 inches and above

Music Express

This is not your ordinary Caterpillar ride. The Italian made Music Express can reach a maximum speed of 12 revolutions per minute going both forward and backward. The operator/ DJ will not hesitate to crank up the volume while the ride gathers speed!

  • 48 inches and above

Bump Car Smash

Traffic rules are suspended in this classic theme park ride!

  • 48 inches and above

Bump Car Rave

Drive to the RAVE beat on a lit up floor. A party bumper car experience not to be missed!

  • 48 inches and above

Bumper Boat

Steer your own independently powered boat in an indoor pond. Bumper cars on water!

  • 48 inches and above

Jumping Star

After a slow ascend to the top, you know what comes next... Whoosh! Down you come falling in a heart pounding drop!

  • 48 inches and above

Little Tykes

A showcase of playground favorites on a padded surface. Kids can release all that energy and have hours of great indoor fun.

  • 34 to 48 inches ONLY

Quack Quack

This seven-meter revolving kiddie ride has six duck tubs each with seating up to four.

  • 34 to 42 inches ONLY


Let your kids sit behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles, from fire trucks to medical emergency cars, that travel up and down in a convoy along a loop track.

  • 34 to 48 inches ONLY

Ball Pool

Kids will love exploring a maze of tubes ending up in a slide to a sea of balls

  • 42 to 48 Inches only

Tea Cup

Little kids will enjoy gently spinning in giant sized tea cups.

  • 42 - 48 Inches only

Kiddie Wheel

STAR CITY’s ferris wheel for kids. Your little angel can enjoy the feel of a ferris wheel minus the daunting height.

  • 34 to 42 inches only

Kiddie Bump Car

Let your kids experience the fun and excitement of driving without the hassle of the city’s heavy traffic.

  • 42 to 48 Inches only

Frosty Train

No little kid can resist riding a choochoo train. This one has a special winter theme

  • 34 to 42 inches ONLY

Mini Pirate Ship

For your adventurous kid who can’t ride the Viking just yet, this is the ride to try! It swings up to a 60 degrees angle.

  • 42 to 48 Inches only

Road Race

Car shaped vehicles rotate clockwise popping up and down capturing the thrill of a car chase!

  • 34 to 42 inches ONLY

Giant Star Wheel

The Philippines’ Tallest Ferris wheel offers a majestic view of Roxas Boulevard and the Manila Bay as well as the expanse of the reclaimed landscape. It stands 60 meters high with 32 air-conditioned gondolas that can accommodate 6 passengers each.

  • 34 to 48 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Grand Carousel

The first double decked carousel in the country is a sight to behold. It has a capacity of 72 people, and is a truly worthy center piece all-family ride in the park

  • 30 to 42 inches with Responsible Mature Person


Zoom through the universe on space ships that circle, dip and climb

  • 36 to 48 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Wacky Worm

If a caterpillar could run as fast as a roller coaster, this is definitely how it would feel like riding one!

  • 34 to 42 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Red Baron

Be a World War 1 Ace flyer chasing enemy planes in the sky!

  • 34 to 48 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Magic Forest

Allow the family to be transported to a mystical forest while riding on a vintage car train.

  • 30 to 42 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Dragon Express

Whizz through the wonders of China on a roller coaster designed to fit all sizes of the members of the family.

  • 34 to 42 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Annex Carousel

This classic theme park serves as a beautiful fitting center piece to Star City’s open air annex with trees and foliage as its back drop

  • 30 to 42 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Happy Swing

Experience this classic childhood thrill in a mechanical swing complete with safety feature

  • 36 to 70 inches ONLY

Star Frisbee

Direct from Italy, the rider is swung to dizzying heights while the outward facing seats spin around. No other thrill like this in the Philippines!

  • 54 to 74 inches ONLY


The classic Viking ride guarantees shrieks of delight. It has a seating of 50 adults and swings forward and backward; as close as it gets to rocking the stormy seas on the way to a Viking raid!

  • 48 inches and above

Star Flyer

The only inverted roller coaster in the Philippines makes the rider know how it feels like to fly with your feet dangling in every loop and turn at great speed.

  • 54 to 74 inches ONLY

Jungle Splash

Take a log boat ride on a white water river that snakes through the heart of the Jungle and climaxes in a thrilling drop. Not for those afraid to get a little wet!

  • 54 inches and above

Surf Dance

This platform thrill ride captures the tumult of riding the waves with every twist and turn and lift and drop!

  • 48 inches and above

Adventure Zone

Not included in Ride all you can; requires separate fee. Mini golf, paint ball, wall climbing, ropes course, zip lines–ideal for team building, simply unwinding or pushing one’s self to the limit. A unique collection of adrenaline pumping facilities in the heart of the city!

Star Dome

At the Stardome, you will see the dragon, and other mystical creatures come alive. Characters that you only see in books and in movies can now be seen as they come alive before your eyes in three dimensions.

  • 30 to 42 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Scream Avenue 5D Rider

Choose your thrill or scare in a rider that not only has 3D and movement technology but wind and smoke as well

  • 42 inches and above

Snow World

Not included in the Ride All You Can ticket. Requires a separate fee. Who says we can’t have a White Christmas in the Philippines? Experience real snow and the biggest snow slide in the country!

  • 34 to 48 inches with Responsible Mature Person. 48 inches ABOVE to SLIDE.

Lazer Blaster

REQUIRES SEPARATE FEE Experience the ultimate laser adventure fight! Lazer Blaster is team combat with infra-red guns, and adrenaline-pumping action.

  • 48 inches and above

Time Tunnel

Travel through time from the age of the dinosaurs to the day man reached outer space. A walk through the pages of history! *Some scenes might be frightening to young children.

  • 34 to 42 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Gabi ng Lagim

Newly refurbished park attraction Gabi ng Lagim reopens with all-new hair-raising thrills based on local folklore. Haunted houses, zombies, disembodied spirits, witches, goblins, exorcisms, levitation, and other terrifying sights will greet Pinoy fans who crave for an adventure.

  • 48 inches and above

Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure is a boat ride that takes you into the swashbuckling world of the most adventurous of seafarers! Experience the adventure with life like "Pirates" as you will sail with them on a one-of-a-kind journey!

  • 36 to 48 inches with Responsible Mature Person

Dungeon of Terror

What can be more terrifying than to be lost in a maze of dungeons when the ghosts of prisoners prowl in the darkness!

  • 48 inches and above.

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